Network Romvac deposits

ROMVAC company's distribution network consists of a central warehouse and 33 regional warehouses, two companies under contract distributor in Bucharest and Ilfov county, and in Constanţa and 5 authorized dealers.

The distribution network supplying rhythmic county's 14 commercial companies veterinarians, 619 veterinary pharmaceutical companies, veterinarians 1639 dealers and 213 private veterinarians freelancers, promoting, distributing and if necessary, use products.

Also, the network shall ensure supplies to livestock producers, regardless of herd size and shape they own property.

With our customers we have in promoting collaboration, sale and use of products based on providing sourcing and payment facilities and information exchange. - clasamente si statistici pentru site-urile romanesti 

Veterinary pharmacies ROMVAC

Currently, besides the local stores, Romvac Company SA holds and 2 veterinary pharmacies:


Pharmacy # 1 - located in the headquarters company (Sos Centurii , no. 7, Volunteers - 021/350 September 31, ext. 237),

Pharmacy No. 2 - located in Bucharest, Str. Sibiu, Block C5, ground


Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 8 to 17 and Saturday between 8 to 12.


Our veterinary pharmacies are available distribution points that will give you the full range of products at the lowest prices Romvac and where you have also expert advice from a veterinarian.