Tradition and innovation in animal health



Romvac, manufacturer of drugs and vaccines for all animal species


ROMVAC COMPANY S.A., manufacturer of more than 230 vaccines and drugs for all animal species, owner of a Southeastern Europe unique SPF poultry farm and of 36 warehouses all over the country, is the largest field manufacturer and distributor in Romania, covering almost 20% of the local veterinary drug market which is estimated at about 55-60 million Euro.


Having a 4-decade experience in the field, Romvac is a private shareholder company, with a capital of over 4.600.000 Lei and yearly turnover of 10.000.000 €.

Romvac Company S.A. has been manufacturing over 60 biological products (vaccines, developing substances, diagnosis kits) and over 200 veterinary drugs: general and rehydrating tonics, vitamin-mineral premixes, growth promoters and vitamins, antimicrobials and antifungal, antiparasitic drugs, plant products for digestive and respiratory disorders, disinfection, disinsection and deratization products, local anti-infective products, healing products and desensitizing and antitoxic products.


This company is renowned for providing a wide range of products in all forms (solutions, tablets, powders, ointments etc) and for all species of animals reared in Romania.


Romvac has invested in the organization and development of its own national distribution and promotion chain. For veterinary doctors, the company offers very good payment terms (30 days) and product prices are the same in all warehouses of the country. 


The company has its own state-of-the-art diagnostic laboratory with highly trained staff where all necessary assays can be carried out, the treatment schedule is recommended and appropriate products are provided. The laboratory was approved by NSVFSA in 2012. Romvac also has state-of-the-art control laboratories for drugs and vaccines.



Romvac – GMP certification, IMS accreditation


Furthermore, in 2000, ROMVAC obtained the ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification and NE 45001 accreditation renewed by audit in 2013.


Due to a financial effort of more than 3.000.000 $ in the last 2 years, the manufacturing technologies and the preparation and control procedures could be improved together with modernizing and developing the material basis. In 2005, ROMVAC Company received the certification of compliance with the rules for good manufacturing practice (G.M.P.) from the National Sanitary Veterinary Authority, reconfirmed in June 2011.


ROMVAC Company also obtained the accreditation of the Integrated Management System in 2008, which requires the certification of:


1. Quality Management ISO 9001 (obtained in 2000)

2. Environment Management ISO 14001

3. Occupational Health and Safety System OHSAS 18001


This integrated management system is the highest certification which grants both nationally and internationally the reputation of ROMVAC Company for the manufacture and delivery of highest quality products at the required production standard.


Since 2011 the company has been ASAS-approved for scientific research activities.


Export activity within Romvac


Since several years ago, Romvac products have been marketed in Lithuania, Nigeria, Albania, Kosovo, Malta, Spain, Macedonia, Georgia and they have recently started to be marketed in Iraq, Ireland and Italy as well. Romvac has also submitted dossier for the registration of its products in Iran and Egypt.