Production of drugs is the most dynamic sector with a share of over 70% of the value of goods of the company. It consists of a well balanced range of products made exclusively through its own research and covering all market requirements, offered at the best quality / price.

Production of bioproducts has always been diversified and adapted to meet new requirements made ​​following the replacement of complex major and medium small farms and to be in compliance with EU regulations in the field.

ROMVAC development strategy is based on researches conducted both company personnel and by academics prestigious veterinary schools in the country and is supported by major financial efforts as the development, ROMVAC allocated over 10% of turnover. As a result, during 1990-2009 the production of drugs and veterinary biological preparations varied from year to year. Thus, if in 1990 the company was the exclusive producer of vaccines for birds and small animals, in 2009, made ​​approximately 230 drugs and biological products for all animal species.

Since 2007, ROMVAC dropped the use of materials that can be dangerous to humans. Currently, all active use of EC Company are listed as safe for humans.