Annual Investing in new technologies, ROMVAC was certified in 2000 to ISO 9001 international quality standard and in 2004 received GMP certification for all production lines, and reaffirmed by the 2007 audit. With these certifications is shown that the unit complies with the rules of good manufacturing practice (GMP) and the products obtained are up to international standards.


Attention to the environment, occupational health and safety of employees, led to obtaining certification ISO 14001 (International Standard Environment) and ISO 18001 (International Standard for Occupational Safety and Health) in 2008. These three ISO certifications are grouped Integrated Management System accreditation obtained in 2008. Thereby ROMVACdemonstrează that produces quality medicines and vaccines in a clean and safe and healthy for employees.


Since 2007, ROMVAC dropped the use of materials that can be dangerous to humans. Currently, all active use of EC Company are listed as safe for humans.


In 2000, ROMVAC obtained ISO 9001 quality management certification and accreditation according to European standards EN 45001, and by auditing attributes reconfirmed in 2007. For 2006 were spent in equity over 3.1 million lei for some of the conditions necessary to achieve GMP accreditation conducted in December 2004 and again in January 2007.


Furthermore, the company ROMVAC obtained in 2008, Integrated Management System certification, which requires certification:


1. ISO 9001 Quality Management


2. Environmental Management System ISO 14001


3. System OHSAS 18001:2004 Occupational Health and Safety.


This integrated management system is the highest certification that guarantees both domestically and internationally renown company ROMVAC regarding implementation and delivery of the highest quality production and labor standaredele required.


Thus, ROMVAC successfully manages to meet the needs and requirements of all customers and employees of and respect at the same time, the law in this area.