Company activity ROMVAC

Romvac company activity is structured around the following objectives:

- Production of veterinary drugs and biological products;

- Sale of own products and those made by others, through its own network of


- Assist highly qualified veterinary, including diagnostic laboratory at the request of units with problems and those who collaborate with the company Romvac.

 Way to first place

ROMVAC COMPANY SA, manufacturer of over 230 vaccines and medicines for all animal species, the holder of SPF poultry farms - free from specific pathogens - Unique in SE Europe and 34 warehouses across the country is the largest producer and distributor in Romania.

Originally appeared as LVTA (Laboratory of avian tumor virus) vaccine producing Marek disease, this has become the CCBPAM (Center for Research and Biologicals for birds and small animals) and until 1989 provided all necessary vaccinations large poultry farms rabbits and kennels, annually producing tens of millions of doses. In December 1990, the unit was spun off from Institut Pasteur Handful gaining legal status: SC ROMVAC COMPANY S.A. Volunteers.

In 1995 the unit was completed by MEBO privatization. Thus, SC ROMVAC COMPANY S.A. Volunteer becomes a privately owned company whose shareholders are exclusively employees of the unit.

Since 1990, sensing that the number of poultry farms will reduce the need for vaccines implicitly, the company's specialists have begun work to expand the range of organic products to address new animal species (cattle, pigs, sheep), and to start production of drugs. Thus, ROMVAC company team consisting of 372 employees - of which 4 medical doctors, 15 scientists and 78 certified employees with higher education - has managed to develop the technologies and registration of 71 biologics and 158 drugs.

Today, with over 300 products registered a capital of over 4.6 million lei and annual turnover of € circa10.000.000, the company became a leader ROMVAC domestic producers of biological and veterinary drugs .

 ROMVAC - Accredited GMP certified SMI

Moreover, in 2000, ROMVAC obtained ISO 9001 quality management certification and accreditation following rules NE 45001, certification renewed in 2006, following reauditării.

Due to a financial effort made over $ 3,000,000 in the last two years, could be achieved improving production technology, preparation and control procedures, along with the modernization and development of the material. In 2005, the company ROMVAC received from the National Sanitary Veterinary Authority, confirming employment in the rules of good manufacturing practice (GMP) accreditation reaffirmed in June 2011.

The company also ROMVAC obtained in 2008, Integrated Management System certification, which requires certification:

1. Quality Management ISO 9001 (certification obtained since 2000)

2. Environmental Management System ISO 14001

3. System OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety

This integrated management system is the highest certification that guarantees both domestically and internationally renown company ROMVAC regarding implementation and delivery of the highest quality production standards and work requirements.

 Exclusive distributor of products SOFIVO, SYNTHESE ELEVAGE, NUTRIFARM, BIOFAKTORY and ZAPI in Romania

For the range of products is complete, ROMVAC distribute and over 600 indigenous and imported products, being the exclusive distributor of products SOFIVO (instant milk substitutes), SYNTHESE ELEVAGE (supplement) BIOFAKTORY (pet) and ZAPI (bait raticides Broditop) in Romania. - clasamente si statistici pentru site-urile romanesti